Chemtronics electronics maintenance and repair consumables.

For over 50 years, Chemtronics has been the brand to look at within the electronics maintenance and repair industry. Expanding our product offering from a handful of cleaners to precision cleaning tools. wipes and PCB repair tools, Chemtronics offers a complete solution for markets such as;  Fiber Optics, Aviation, Life Sciences, Electronics Assembly & Cleaning. With known product brands such as CircuitWorks, Coventry, Soder-Wick and FOCCUS, Chemtronics is the turn-key solutions provider.


Within Chemtronics, CircuitWorks is the brand for conveniently packaged precision dispensing rework and repair products. The full range makes circuit board repair and prototyping more efficient, easier and accurate.


Reliability and performance are key in the electronics industry. Under Chemtronics’ Coventry brand provides a wide variety of choices to meet the most demanding applications.


With our strong background in precise cleaning and cleaning solvents, we were able to develop a comprehensive approach to cleaning fiber optic connections. Through our Combination Cleaning process, cleaning fiber optic connectors has finally become fast, easy and reliable.


Soder-Wick is the world’s leading brand for desoldering braid. It is the fastest, cleanest and most reliable braid in the industry. It significantly reduces rework and repair time, while minimizing the risk of heat damage to the board. The flux coated desoldering braids leave minimal flux residue on board, which speed up cleaning process or eliminates it entirely.

Fiber Optic Cleaning Solutions

At Chemtronics the mission is simple; continue to provide the industry with innovative tools to solve their most difficult obstacles while providing the highest degree of productivity and reliability. Our FOCCUS brand combines our expertise in cleaning tools to make cleaning fiber optic connectors easy, fast and reliable.

Controlled Environment Solutions

Coventry, a Chemtronics brand, is a well known brand for solving critical precision cleaning challenges. Coventry has a wide variety of cleanroom swabs and wipes to meet your most demanding applications.

PCB Repair and Prototyping

CircuitWorks’ complete range of products meets all of the technicians needs for electronics rework, prototyping and repairing. Advanced-formula materials are packaged in convenient delivery systems making applying solvents and adhesives to your board easier and controlled.

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