Techspray. Developing advanced chemistries to improve your processes.

Techspray engineers effective as well as cost-effective cleaners and other chemical products to improve the reliability and longevity of electronic products, optimizing production throughout. With the addition of Plato, Techspray adds high-quality soldering tips and tools to its deep product offering.


Leveraging over 40-years of experience in electronic cleaning, Techspray offers a full line of water-based defluxers and stencil cleaners.


Techspray offers powerful and strong solvents that removes residue and cleans areas under components that brushes can’t touch.


Specializing in soldering iron tip design and soldering tools such as sponges and tip tinners, these easy-to-use, high-quality products are available to improve your PCB rework and repair processes.


Environmentally friendly and designed to work in both inline and batch cleaning, high performance cleaning gives you excellent solder joints and allows you to decrease dilution, waste water and cost per board. But most importantly… eliminate field failures due to ionic contamination.


Micro-components and fine pitch leads are delicate and easily damaged, therefore brushing and scrubbing should be avoided if possible. Techspray offers traditional solvent-based cleaners and cutting-edge water-based technologies marketed under the Techspray Renew Brand.

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