Texwipe Resolve
Texwipe Resolve Cleanroom

Meet Revolve™, a sustainable innovation in the cleanroom industry

Texwipe’s commitment to innovation, leadership and quality in cleanroom consumable products spans more than fifty-five years. We invest in technology to respond our customer backed innovation. The Revolve™ line of cleanroom products by Texwipe is a sustainable and evolutionary innovation in the way polyester wipers are manufactured.


Through extensive research on the performance characteristics of post-consumer polyester (also referred to as rPET), it was discovered that the rPET materials, processed through Texwipe’s manufacturing lines, demonstrated equivalent properties as virgin material. With these results and the teamwork between Texwipe and Unifi/REPREVE, a new line of products was born, culminating in the launch of Revolve™ products.


Revolve™ products, made from 100% upcycled polyester material, contribute to the sustainability goals by reducing the amount of post-consumer water bottles going into landfill and by reducing the level of carbon emission.

Texwipe Revolve Data Sheet

Revolve™ wipers are the first sustainable wipers designated for the cleanroom industry, made from 100% upcycled polyester material. They are characterized by their sealed edge, processed on Texwipe’s fully automated manufacturing system.

Texwipe Revolve Questions Answers

Is the Revolve™ line of products made from recycled wipers? Does Revolve™ perform the same as the virgin polyester? Can the wiper be recycled after use? Click on Questions & Answers to read more about Revolve™.

Texwipe Revolve Technotes

The evolutionary and innovative Revolve™ line of cleanroom products is made from post-consumer polyester yarn made by upcycling polyester water bottles. Texwipe’s extensive research culminated in the launch of Revolve™ products.

Revolve Upcycling Process

The polyester yarn used to make Revolve™ products is derived from post-consumer bottles. The bottles are collected and sent to the recycling center where they are sorted, cleaned, ground, and upcycled to make the REPREVE™ yarn. Texwipe uses the REPREVE™ yarn to make the wiper fabric and then further optimizes it to meet Texwipe’s standards for the cleanroom industry.

Revolve Bottle Count

Every bag of Revolve™ product shows the number of bottles required to make the product. Since Texwipe only uses REPREVE™ yarn in the fabric of the products, the number of bottles required could seem quite large, as there is not much polyester available in a bottle to be made into yarn.

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