Cleanroom Microfibre Electronics Cleaning

ITW Contamination Control has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial consumables, through our commitment to consistently provide high quality products and services for our customers. We strive to continually improve and optimize our products and services, through customer feedback, as we believe customer satisfaction is directly impacted by the products and services we provide. The establishment and maintenance of our quality management system helps in achieving and securing our high standards.

Our commitment to our quality management system is reflected by our ISO 9001:2015 registration. ITW Contamination Control specializes in providing innovative and sustainable solutions for critical environments, such as cleanrooms and electronics manufacturing & repair. Our products and services are suitable for critical environment industries, such as: Life Sciences, Consumer and Industrial Electronics, Telecommunication, Aviation and Equipment and Building Maintenance.

Electronics cleaning

Whether you run a PCB prototyping house or a high demanding assembly operation electronics cleaning and maintenance is incredibly important. Since 1958 we have been specializing in supporting the electronics industry to maintain the integrity of your equipment. Starting with a handful of cleaners, ITW Contamination Control has grown its product offering. From top of the line cleaning solvents to cleanroom grade swabs and wipes, ITW Contamination Control has all the necessary tools.


A cleanroom is an environment with high cleanness and is designed to reduce or even eliminate contamination (pollution) of product, process or examination within that space. Contamination can consist of large and fine particles present in the air, as well as fibres, micro-organisms and chemical vapours. The degree of contamination in a cleanroom is specified on the basis of the amount of particles of a certain size per cubic meter.

Innovation starts with you

We aim to continuously provide the best services and premium solutions through customer driven innovations, feedback and insights. Together with you, we look for solutions for your cleanroom or electronics specific requirements. Tell us your story, and we’ll get started on your solution.

Together for a better future

Our company motto is integral to manufacturing and developing products intended for the future: “Say what you do, do what you say and prove it.” We are constantly looking to develop new products that are environmentally friendly and non-hazardous. Therefore, we have actively taken steps in developing water-based solvents that meet the highest standards in the fiber optic industries. Making a difference wherever we can.