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Customer Back Innovation

Customer Back Innovation

We innovate from the customer back, not from the research and development center out. These innovations help our customers achieve their own eco-efficient product, climate change-related or performance goals.

Entrepreneurial Culture

Entrepreneurial Culture

We empower our business teams to make decisions and customize their approach in order to maximize the relevance and impact of the ITW Business Model for their specific customers and end-markets. ITW’s “flexibility within the framework” culture: they think and act like entrepreneurs, they are accountable, and they deliver.

80 / 20 Mindset

80 / 20 Mindset

Integral to the companies for nearly 30 years, we focus on the 20 percent of the business that generates 80% of our success. It allows us to structure the business around serving and growing relationships. Through this application our divisions deliver best-in-class customer-facing execution.

The Story of ITW Contamination Control

ITW Contamination Control located in Europe is a division of Illinois Tools Works Inc. A fortune 200 global industrial manufacturer with operations in 58 countries. Developing and providing high-end consumables used in the most critical cleanroom manufacturing areas and general electronics cleaning.

Innovative wipe manufacturing to create the cleanest wipes in the world. Helping manufacturers produce more with less solvent use. Continuous development in water-based products. These are some examples of how we’re working on providing both high-end products, but also moving towards environmentally safe products. Together with our partners we are looking for solutions for their biggest obstacles.

Our family of premium brands has been dedicated for over 50 years to those who manufacture in critical environment or need precise products for spot cleaning or microelectronic cleaning. Our customers trust us and our high quality product, it is why ITW Contamination Control is represented in its core brands and the markets we support. The mission of our company is help the market and the customers with the right solution for they necessities.

ITW Contamination control
Texwipe Cleanroom Consumables
Chemtronics Electronics
Techspray Cleaners, Coatings and other Chemicals

Industry Leader

Texwipe, Chemtronics and Techspray are leading manufacturers of contamination control products for critical cleaning in manufacturing environments. Our cleanroom and electronics wipes and mops are used in various industries as semiconductor, biomedical, data storage, pharmaceutical, medical device, microelectronics, fiber optics, automotive, aerospace and other critical industrial applications. We have 50 year experience what give us and our team member the knowledge of the cleaning requirements in all the different industries. Our focus on costumers allow us to assist them in the creation the right solution that best meets their needs.

Our goal is to exceed customer requirements and expectation.  We have a extensive product line where you can find the right solution for cleanroom and electronics market. This product line are compose for woven and nonwoven wipes, presaturated wipes, sterile and non-sterile wipes, mops, wall washing systems, sponges and swabs.


ITW contamination control operates manufacturing facilities through our brands Texwipe, Chemtronics and Techspray in Europe, America and Asia. Our team of technical specialists and sales representatives speak 8 different languages in Europe. ITW contamination control has a facilities and qualify team member that give us the ability to provide product to multinational customers.