Electronics Maintenance & Cleaning

Electronics Cleaning & Maintenance

Whether you run a PCB prototyping house or a high demanding assembly operation electronics cleaning and maintenance is incredibly important. Since 1958 we have been specializing in supporting the electronics industry to maintain the integrity of your equipment. Starting with a handful of cleaners, ITW Contamination Control has grown its product offering. From top of the line cleaning solvents to cleanroom grade swabs and wipes, ITW Contamination Control has all the necessary tools.


The electronics industry has always been a core part of ITW Contamination Controls business. All three brands within ITW Contamination Control have a history in starting with products to remove contamination, whether it is with a wiper or a solvent. Together they no longer are only a market leader in their respective category, but provide a turn-key solution from start to finish.

Critical Environments Cleaning

Critical Environments

In an environment where it is critical to manufacture free from dust and other contaminants, ITW Contamination Control has been at the forefront of providing solutions to the highest standards. In an ever evolving market, Texwipe is commited to continue investing in innovation to create solutions for the most critical market.

Office Maintenance Cleaning

Office Equipment Maintenance

The modern office environment is filled with sensitive electronics, all needing to be cleaned and maintained for optimal performance. ITW Contamination Control offers cleaners and cleaning tools that help keep monitors, computers, copiers and other equipment running smoothly.

Electronics Cleaning

General Electronics Maintenance

Properly cleaning your electronics on a regular basis keeps your systems cool and working optimally, extending the life of the product. Combining the strengths of Chemtronics and Techspray, ITW Contamination Control has a complete line of effective solvents made for critical cleaning and degreasing of electronics & sensitive components.

Consistency as a Measure of Quality

Consistency as a Measure of Quality

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Choosing The Cleaner For Your Needs

Choosing The Cleaner For Your Needs

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Guide to Cleaning Electronics

Guide to Cleaning Electronics

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Products & Solutions

Cleaners & Applicators

  • Cleanroom Wipers & Swabs
  • General Purpose Wipers & Swabs
  • Speciality Swabs & Tools

Cleaning Solvents

  • Flux Removers
  • Contact Cleaners
  • Cleaner Degreasers
  • General Cleaners