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Maintaining the integrity of your cleanroom costs a tremendous investment in terms of time, money, and most importantly – new technology. We understand that the proper cleaning material of a critical facility is essential so you can focus on your research.


Our products will help maintain the integrity of your laboratory by providing contamination control and peace of mind in the most critical areas. With the full range of contamination control products for your cleanroom including wipers, pre-wetted wipers, sterile alcohol, swabs, mops, cleanroom paper and mats, you have nothing to worry about.

ITW Cleanroom Innovation

The innovator in cleanroom products

Through the Texwipe brand, ITW Contamination Control is the worldwide leader in areas where critical cleaning is necessary. Ever since inventing the first low-lint wiper, it has been innovating to meet the constant development in the market. Today, Texwipe is the worldwide leader providing solutions where critical cleaning is required.

ITW Cleanroom Cleaning Validation

Cleaning Validation

Cleaning validation is an essential step in the critical cleaning of laboratories. Swabbing is the preferred method of sampling such surfaces in the process of cleaning validation. Recognizable by our trademarked green handle, polyester swabs are excellent for cleaning validation using analytical techniques such as HPLC and UV/Visible spectroscopy.

ITW Cleanroom Pharmaceutical


With our advice, tools and full range of contamination control products, including wipers, swabs, sterile alcohols, mops and sticky mats, we will be able to assist with you with your specific applications. Our Texwipe products work in conjunction with several cleaning solvents, e.g. sterile 70% Isopropyl Alcohol or the pre-wetted IPA wipers.

Cleanroom Wiping

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Cleanroom Validation

Swabs for Cleaning Validation

Microdenier Wipers for Critical Cleaning

Wipers for Critical Cleaning Applications

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