Fast, efficient and reliable fiber optic connector cleaning

In the mid 90’s ITW Contamination Control began focusing its precision cleaning expertise on the growing telecommunications industry. This has made us an innovative provider of solutions, products and comprehensive processes for fiber optic connector cleaning. Using highly engineered solvent formulations and cleanroom swabs in our Combination Cleaning process, cleaning fiber optic connectors has become easy and reliable.


Fiber optic connections should always be inspected and cleaned when necessary before connecting. Contamination can come from everywhere including the hands and clothing of those handling the connections, building materials, dust, pollen or oils. Fiber connector cleaning is an essential part of quality fiber installations. It is essential to inspect every fiber optic connection before mating and to clean those connections when necessary.

It’s all in the process

Using our highly engineered solvent formulations, cleanroom swabs and precision wipes together in our Combination Cleaning process, cleaning fiber optic connectors has become efficient, easy and reliable. ITW Contamination Control products and process make a clean connection.

The Combination Cleaning process is a wet-to-dry method in which the amount of solvent used in the process is kept to a minimum. This process recognizes that dry cleaning achieves limited results and leaves the optical connector end face charged with an electrical field that is likely to attract contamination after the cleaning process. Keeping the amount of solvent to a minimum eliminates the risk of flooding the surface and cross-contamination. The Combination Cleaning process can be used with wipes, swabs, and probe cleaning tools. In each case, the material is made slightly damp with sufficient solvent, first exposing the surface with solvent and then dried using a dry surface.

Many common techniques used in fiber optic cleaning give inconsistent results and can promote recontamination. Dry cleaning, cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and wet cleaning of connectors provide sub-par results. And that is why we came with the Combination Cleaning process.

Combination Cleaning Guide

Combination Cleaning Guide

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The do's and don'ts of connector cleaning

The do's and don'ts of connector cleaning

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Products & Kits

Installation & Maintenance

  • Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit
  • 2.5mm Foam Swabs
  • V-groove and Ferrule Cleaning Swabs
  • Extra strength degreaser

Water-based Cleaning

  • Water-based solvents
  • Presaturated wipes

Datacenter & CATV Cleaning

  • CCT Clear Connection Tools For MPO, 2.5mm & 1.25mm Cleaning
  • End Face Cleaning Platforms
  • Polyester Cellulose Wipes